Collection: Baby Folk

Little Eco Folks baby folk collection brings you luxurious and long-lasting pure linen and muslin blankets in vibrant yet timeless shades, all botanically dyed. So no nasty synthetic dyes here! Our collection is all hand dyed here in New Zealand.

Our blankets soften with every use, getting more cosy with every month that passes. A blanket botanically dyed by hand so that every shade is just as unique as your little one. A blanket that is truly yours, and yours alone. 

These pieces have been dyed with seasonal dyes locally foraged, and zero waste. Limited numbers have been created to the items even more unique.

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  • Botanical Dyed Grey Linen Baby Wrap
    Botanical Dyed Linen Baby Wrap - little-eco-folk
  • Botanical Dyed Grey Organic Muslin Baby Wrap
    Botanical Dyed Muslin Baby Wrap - little-eco-folk
  • Botanically Dyed Leaf Mat / Baby Play Mat