Collection: Botanically Dyed by Little Eco Folk

Little Eco Folks botanically dyed collection of gifts, inspired by and infused with local nature and Aroha. Plant-based dyes create stunning colours that shift, change, and come alive in natural sunlight.
These pieces have been dyed with seasonal dyes organically homegrown or locally foraged. Plant Dyes are more subtle and complex than those created by synthetic dyes. You are purchasing a "living colour" that is unique and one-of-a-kind.  Slight variations and unique characteristics will make each item special.
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  • NZ Hand Dyed Natural Play Silk
    NZ Hand Dyed Natural Play Silk - little-eco-folk, Naturally dyed playsilk
  • Silk Ribbon Wand
    Silk Ribbon Wand - little-eco-folk
  • Plant Dyed Napkins - Pink
    Botanically Dyed Napkins Pīwakawaka Collection - little-eco-folk
  • Botanical Dyed Grey Linen Baby Wrap
    Botanical Dyed Linen Baby Wrap - little-eco-folk
  • Botanically Dyed Hankie
    Botanically Dyed Hankie - little-eco-folk
  • Unique Plant Dyed Silk Scarf - Red
    Beautiful Hand dyed silk scarf, naturally dyed, madder and logwood dye, red silk scarf, maroon silk scarf, eco dyed scarf, nz dyed scarf, indie dyed scarf,
  • Botanically Dyed Leaf Mat / Baby Play Mat
  • Linen Fabric Gift Wrap
  • Botanical Dyed Net Tote Bag
    Botanical Dyed Net Tote Bag - little-eco-folk