A colourful hīkoi

“Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start…”

I have wanted to write a blog post for a while but never really knew where to start so lets start at the beginning I started natural dyeing about 5 years ago now but never dreamed I could make it into the business I have today.

I have loved colour for as long as I can remember and always been fascinated with its use and have always loved exploring different ways to use it, from clothing to art. I was the girl who used to pick flowers and rub them on paper to see their colours come alive, the one who used to chuck colored wax on my artwork to try and get a more interesting optic of colour. Now I realise this was all a precursor to my natural dye hīkoi.

The alchemy of natural dyes creates an extraordinary range of layered colors. Each color is a gift from nature and alive with character! The more I study and experiment with plants and their colours the more I am amazed.

I wanted to keep my dyeing as sustainable and closed circle as possible so I have lovingly created an ever expanding dye garden over the years and try to grow as much of my dye material as possible. There is something very grounding in growing and then dyeing with homegrown plants.

We all start our businesses with a hope they’ll become our legacy. We all want our lives to be meaningful, we want to live what we stand for.

“I wanted a career that was in tune with my passion to create, so I crafted a company that spoke to my soul.”

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